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Is Wedding Videography Worth It? 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss A Moment Of Your Special Day In Yorkshire

Is Wedding Videography Worth It? 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss A Moment of your special day in yorkshire

pinterest img 12 Wedding video is a fast-growing industry, with more and more couples opting to include a video package as part of their vendor list. Deciding what to budget for when planning your wedding is no easy task, and it’s a good idea to know if you’re making a worthy investment. From our experience working on weddings and seeing the results, we’ve picked 5 reasons why wedding videography is worth it. 

1. To see moments you may have missed

So much happens on a wedding day, and you’ll be guaranteed to get so caught up in the whirl of events and talking to guests that at points you’ll miss being able to bask in the moment and just take it all in. It’s a unique experience to be able to relive things like your first dance, looks between your loved ones, and your family enjoying the day. Capturing the joy, love, laughter, and tears of your wedding is something best captured on film. As wedding videographers, we’re so proud to be able to encapsulate this on camera and see the reactions of our clients when they watch it back. 

2. Show off your wedding venue in style

Some wedding venues are truly spectacular, whether it’s a coastal setting, a city wedding, or in the countryside. You may have caught yourself wondering if only there was a way to capture the feel that setting gives you. Wedding videographers can use equipment such as camera gimbles and drones to capture aerial footage and to really do your wedding location justice. You could have grand aerial shots and montages of the venue to a soundtrack bespoke to you and your partner’s favourite tracks. 

3. You get a professional wedding film

There’s nothing like having a professional filmmaker on hand to capture your special day on camera. Wedding videographers can combine years of experience, cinematography skills, and know how to subtly get everything in frame leaving you to enjoy your day and not have to worry about it. When the final product comes in you have music, sweeping montages, and beautiful edits that make your day look even more magical than you remember. 

4. To keep memories that photographs can’t

Of course, photographs are essential and make beautiful keepsakes. A wedding video can partner with this perfectly, breathing life into the still images and remembering how a moment felt and sounded.

5. To share with your loved ones

You may have loved ones living at a distance, or some who were unable to make the day itself. With your video loaded onto downloadable links, you can send your video to family and friends who can enjoy it at the click of a button, or maybe even have a watch party with your family as a post-celebration of the day. If you’re looking for a professional wedding videography service in Yorkshire that captures the unique moments of your big day with creativity and attention to detail, look no further than Grace & Motion.

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