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How Long Are Wedding Videos? The Best Yorkshire Wedding Videos

How Long Are Wedding Videos? the best yorkshire wedding videos

When it comes to our wedding videos, we want to provide you with as much variety as possible and a detailed look into all the magical moments from your day. 

Depending on the type of wedding video package you choose, and the style of video, the length of your final film can differ, for example, if you have chosen to go for the whole hog- cinematic package with extras or a short highlight video as a keepsake from your wedding. 

How long should a wedding video be?

So, as for the question, how long should a wedding video be? It can depend on the style of videography you choose to go with. Cinematic style is hugely popular and is how we film wedding videos, which means we focus on storytelling and visuals. We prefer to tell the story of your day with detail, taking you through from morning to night, which doesn’t fit into a short 7-minute video. If a shorter form video is more suitable for the client we have broken up our services into packages- our wedding videography services range from a final 20-minute version up to a full hour with added visual effects and shots. 

45- 60 minutes is our most-shot format, it’s worth remembering that we will end up with hours of footage from the start of the day to the end, including key moments such as the ceremony and speeches. Having a longer wedding video like this allows us to include loads of special shots and really gives you a fully encapsulated overview of your day with all the elements that make it beautiful.

What you can expect from our service

We deliver, alongside our full-length option, a range of additional extras. That way, as well as enjoying your 45-minute cinematic video, you’ll be provided with a highlight video and a social media trailer. Then you can share snippets of the day if that’s your style, and simply show off your highlight video.

We also provide you with a separate file containing the speeches and the ceremony. It’s nice to get the best bits into your wedding film but having these separately means you can enjoy those full sections back if you wish, or share them with a loved one who couldn’t make it on the day but wants to listen to the important parts! 

Knowing how long you can expect a wedding video to be can help massively when choosing a service that’s right for you. Some videographers may offer a set service, we offer different packages as mentioned earlier, and also film cinematic and use drones, extra camera operators, etc. 

To conclude – What is the ideal length?

Most videography companies should have some form of portfolio or social media platform that you can check out to see snippets of their work and information about the services they provide. The ideal length of your video will depend on what you want included, and what you want to use it for in the future.
If you’re looking for a professional and reliable wedding videography service in Yorkshire that captures the essence of your special day with a unique and creative touch, then Grace & Motion is the perfect choice for you. 

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