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How Long Is A Wedding Highlight Video? Highlights of Your Special Day in Yorkshire

How Long Is A Wedding Highlight Video? Highlights of your special day in yorkshire 

How long should you expect your wedding highlight video to be? If you’ve opted to hire a videographer for your big day in Yorkshire, you may be curious about the typical length of wedding videos. The truth is, wedding videos can range from short highlight reels to full-length films lasting 45 minutes to an hour (sometimes more!), and the length will depend on what you want to include and how much footage is captured.

What is a wedding highlight video? 

To start with, let’s define what a wedding highlight video is. This type of video is crafted by a professional videographer and captures the most significant moments of your special day. It includes footage of the ceremony, reception, and other important moments and provides a tangible way to relive memories, complementing the wedding photographs. Your wedding highlight video is also an excellent way to share your big day with loved ones who could not attend the festivities in Yorkshire. Depending on the package, you can opt for additional edits like social media trailers and a short-form highlight video alongside a longer edit.

Why do wedding videos vary in length? 

The length of a wedding video can vary due to different factors such as the videographer’s style of creating the film, the type of video, and the equipment used, among others. A highlight video, for instance, can range from three to five minutes if you prefer something brief or ten to twenty minutes if you want a short film. On the other hand, cinematic and documentary-style wedding videos tend to capture the whole day, including the ceremony and speeches. They are typically 45-60 minutes long and offer an immersive experience, making you feel like you’re reliving your wedding day all over again. Some couples even watch their full-length video on their anniversary every year.

Does a longer wedding video cost more? 

It’s crucial to keep your budget in mind when deciding on the length of your wedding video. The price of your videography package will vary based on the inclusions, such as the number of videographers, the length of the filming, and the editing suite’s post-production time. If you opt for a shorter video, it’s likely that you’ll have fewer moments recorded, with just a single videographer and limited post-production work. Conversely, if you choose to have your entire day recorded, including the speeches and ceremony, you can expect a longer video lasting 45 minutes to an hour or even more.

Ultimately, the length and style of your wedding video should reflect your vision and what you hope to achieve by having your big day recorded. It’s essential to communicate with your videographer about what you want to include, and what your expectations are, to ensure that you invest in the right level of service.

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