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How To Make A Good Wedding Video? Top Tips From A Professional Wedding Videography Company In Yorkshire

How To Make A Good Wedding Video: Top Tips From A Professional Wedding Videography Company in YOrkshire

If you’ve made your way here, chances are you know capturing wedding memories through a video is the perfect way to preserve them for years to come. But, creating wedding videos isn’t as simple as setting up a camera and pressing record. Videography for weddings is a specific skill set and we’ve compiled our top tips for creating the most stunning films. 

Do Your Research 

Before it’s time to start filming, talk to the couple, the wedding photographer, and anyone else involved in the key elements of the day to know what the couple’s vision is, and what the day will look like. You’ll want to know where each moment will take place and when so you can plan your shots accordingly, as well as having a scope out of the venue so you know what your setup will be like. 

Capture the Small Details 

It’s safe to say making a wedding video is a unique challenge, as you want to capture all the important points without being intrusive. A wedding video is not just about capturing the big moments though. Although you’ll want to capture the ceremony, speeches and confetti throwing you need to focus on the smaller details that make the day unique. Capturing the emotions of the couple’s family and friends, the decor, wedding cake, and other aesthetics work really well. 

Utilize a Gimbal

Equipment makes a huge difference to the quality of your work and what level of footage you can achieve. A gimbal allows you to move the camera without worrying about shaky footage, ideal when you’re following the couple or wedding procession, so any moment and heavy movement will look beautifully shot and professional.

Use Multiple Cameras 

Using more than one camera operator, whether this is another camera or drone or gimbal for dynamic shots allows you to get more creative with your footage and have more options, leading to a more immersive viewing experience for your client later on. 

Establish the Right Lighting 

This is where planning and research ahead of time will come in handy. If you know how the venue is laid out you might have ideas of when specifically to capture certain things. Nature is of course unpredictable and the weather conditions will always be subject to change- so it helps to be prepared to adapt and think creatively on the day. Be prepared to make the most out of what you have- even lighting is best over direct sunlight and bring your light kit for indoor shots. Don’t forget that magic golden hour glow. Some of our favourite footage has been shot in sunset light. 

Get Primed in Post 

This is really where the magic comes together and brings your vision to life. Selecting the right music is a key component of any wedding video, especially in a cinematic wedding film. A soundtrack that beautifully represents the couple and the feel of their wedding will really add an emotive atmosphere. 

Create a story

Try to focus on the couple’s personalities and the elements of their day such as dancing together, moments with guests, and gorgeous shots walking together or posing outdoors. This way you can build in the footage and special effects to create a beautiful film unique to your client. Just like with your filming equipment, using professional software is not only going to make your job in the editing stage much easier but also yield the best results possible and make the most of the stunning footage you will have shot from the day. 

Creating wedding videos is a challenging but rewarding process. We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it! Knowing the how-to’s means that as videographers we have confidence in being able to make memorable and one-of-a-kind keepsakes treasured by clients for years to come.

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