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Creating Unforgettable Memories In Yorkshire: What Is a Cinematic Wedding Video And Is It Right For You? 

Creating Unforgettable Memories In Yorkshire: What Is a Cinematic Wedding Video And Is It Right For You? 

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Something to consider when deciding on a wedding videographer is the style you want to go for. This is vital as this footage will capture your big day in Yorkshire and be rewatched for years to come. So it’s worth knowing what different styles are out there and which one is best for you. In this post, we’ll be exploring what exactly cinematic wedding videography is, the benefits of a cinematic wedding video, and some of the ways we create an unforgettable cinematic wedding film. 

What different wedding videography styles are there?

There are a few different types of wedding videography but the big 3 are traditional, documentary, and cinematic. 

Often there’s an overlap in techniques used by each style, but essentially a traditional wedding video will document from start to finish, with less editing. Documentary takes a journalistic approach to your day and can have overlapping techniques as cinematic, except with this we add romantic movie-style things such as montages, slow motion, and music. 

Here at Grace & Motion we specialise in cinematic-style wedding videos. We have a background of over 10 years in filmmaking and visual media. We believe cinematic wedding videography is more powerful and personal and we love the romantic feel of cinematic style. Below we’re breaking down just what that exactly means. 

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What is cinematic wedding videography and what does it look like? 

Cinematic wedding videography means that your final product will be a film shot with a cinematic eye. This keeps the focus on storytelling, visuals, and emotions. Videographers use a variety of techniques to capture your wedding in a creative and thoughtfully artistic way, capturing the beautiful, emotional story of your wedding day. Things you can expect from a cinematic-style film is a seamless emotive edit from start to finish. We know how to utilise angles and lighting to represent you and your wedding party at your best, from the getting ready to spectacular moments shot in slow motion; of confetti throwing or ever popular and (immensely pleasing to watch) colourful smoke bombs or sparklers. We featured these in some of our wedding films and it’s definitely a favourite moment! 

We will also use drone footage to gain awesome views of your venue, and more than one camera to get those different angles for a really professional edit. We have high-quality (yet subtle, you don’t want equipment imposing on your venue) cameras using stabilisation systems to make your shots as luxurious and professional as possible. Music also plays an important part in the final edit, we chat with clients about this in order to choose an appropriate soundtrack, it has a huge impact and really brings heart and soul to the final edit. 

Decide What’s Right For You 

At the end of the day, cinematic is a broad term, and just like with your wedding photography, the videography of your day will be specific to the style of your chosen supplier.

Be sure to look at the work provided in their portfolios and social media to see if their vibe fits yours! You can catch highlights from our clients’ gorgeous weddings on our Instagram or as you scroll through our website. 

By understanding what it actually means to have a ‘cinematic’ wedding video, you can be better informed to choose the right videographer, and ensure that your wedding video is an unforgettable one!

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