Choose the Best Songs for Wedding Video Editing with Grace & Motion Films

Selecting the perfect musical accompaniment is crucial for crafting a wedding video that elicits emotion. As award winning wedding video artists at Grace & Motion Films, we know how impactful songs are for storytelling. Follow our tips on choosing the best music to enhance your cinematic masterpiece.

Set the Tone with Instrumentals 

Instrumental scores without lyrics work beautifully for ceremony footage. The music should complement, not distract from the spiritual vows and readings. Opt for light piano, string quartets, or other subdued scores that won’t overpower the audio. This provides a moving backdrop to relive sacred moments.

Pick Meaningful Songs for Montages

Montages showing your wedding prep, venue details, and reception energy, deserve thoughtful song choices. Select tunes with vocals that capture the style and spirit of your celebration. Favourite love songs with personal meaning are perfect. Upbeat, danceable hits liven up party scenes.

Focus on Lyrics and Tempo

Analyse songs for appropriate lyrics and rhythm to match each video segment. For example, select a sweet romantic ballad for first look footage versus a faster remix for the energetic reception entrance. Share songs with your videographer to coordinate edits. 

Consider Copyrights

We source our music from a top vendor of royalty-free tunes to avoid copyright issues. Their library mimics the sound of chart hits. Providing your own music requires proper licensing, so early planning is essential.

Review Options with Your Videographer 

Your videographer will suggest song ideas tailored to your wedding vision. At Grace & Motion, we have an extensive music library with thousands of options to perfectly suit your style. If you need guidance selecting your ideal soundtrack, we’re happy to discuss recommendations from our catalogue of royalty-free songs that mimic chart-topping hits. Our team will help you handpick music that brings your wedding video narrative to life.

Leave Some Moments Un-soundtracked 

While music often sets the mood, some special scenes like vows and speeches are best left natural. Guest reactions, laughs, and sounds of celebration add texture. Your videographer will expertly balance audio and music.

Trust Our Artistic Expertise

With over a decade of crafting wedding videos, Grace & Motion’s editors are highly experienced in matching scenes to songs. We always keep the storyline, emotions, and your preferences top of mind when selecting and timing music. Trust us to choose impactful songs that enhance your narrative. 

Create Seamless Transitions

A hallmark of our wedding videography in York is seamlessly transitioning between music and natural audio. Our team spends hours reviewing footage to find perfect intro and exit points for songs. This prevents disjointed or jarring changes.

Strive for Pristine Audio Quality 

We invest in professional microphones, audio recorders and editing software to achieve the highest audio quality and clarity possible. This allows us to capture music, vows and speeches with richness and dimension. We do our utmost to record clean, well-balanced sound by monitoring levels actively throughout your day. However, as your live event unfolds, some factors like venue acoustics are outside our control. We’ll discuss ways to optimise on-site audio during our planning. Delivering the best possible audio within each unique setting is our top priority.

Let us handle the technical details, so you can relax and enjoy your soundtrack. Our passion is using music, natural audio and cinematic edits to tell your unique love story in video form. We can’t wait for you to hear your wedding day transformed into a moving masterpiece!


Introducing Julia, the dedicated point of contact for your special day, ensuring the videographers can focus on their craft while she handles the intricacies. As a skilled second shooter, Julia leaves no moment uncaptured, preserving the delicate details that make your wedding truly one-of-a-kind. Her keen eye and expertise ensure that both of you look absolutely flawless on camera, with adjustments to your dress, suit, or hair for that picture-perfect appearance. When it comes to posing, she’s a pro at directing and bringing out those natural, radiant smiles. Beyond her shooting talents, Julia is always ready to be your reliable ally, offering assistance with makeup, dresses, or any other last-minute needs. Whatever you require, she’s there with a helping hand. Above all, Julia is your go-to resource for any questions or concerns you may have, whether it’s before the wedding or after. Her friendly and accommodating nature ensures that your wedding day is stress-free and filled with precious moments, beautifully captured for you to cherish forever. Trust Julia to be an essential part of making your wedding memories truly extraordinary.