Creating The Most Beautiful Yorkshire Wedding Videos with Grace & Motion Films

Your wedding day represents one of life’s most beautiful moments. At Grace & Motion Films, we specialise in crafting romantic wedding videos that capture the aesthetic splendour and emotional depth of your celebration through cinematic videography. Here is how we create stunning keepsakes of your big day:

Strategic Moment Selection

We handpick clips showcasing the most picturesque backdrops, tender exchanges, elegant details and lively dances to weave together gracefully. Thoughtful moment curation spotlights the beauty.

Flattering Lighting

We schedule key events during the optimal “golden hour” lighting and set up reflectors to bathe couples in beauty-enhancing illumination. Soft lens flares and intentional exposure adjustments in editing also boost the dreamlike aesthetic. 

Intentional Framing 

We don’t just document moments – we artfully frame them. Guiding couples to curve arms and tilt heads creates flattering compositions that amplify natural allure amidst the candid shots.

Detail Oriented  

From bouquets to décor, we linger on the thoughtful details through slow-motion sprinkling ring shots, dramatic venue pans, and zooming in on attire embellishments. These accents showcase your stylish choices.

Cinematic Camera Gear

Our mirrorless cameras with pro lenses and stabilisers allow us to achieve mesmerising movement, shallow depth of field and enhanced detail. This equipment is key for capturing your wedding’s visual essence.

Artistic Composition

We utilise compositional techniques like the rule of thirds, leading lines, off-centre framing and reflections that lend harmonious style to both posed and candid moments. This beautifully enhances the aesthetic. 

Evocative Musical Score

Pairing your visuals with touching instrumentals and sentimental songs that match each scene’s tone elicits emotion and magnifies the loveliness. Music is key for accentuating romance.

Meticulous Editing

Post-production editing transforms raw clips into a refined masterpiece. Colour correction, pacing, audio balance and sequenced continuity editing refine the footage into a visual stunner. Our editing brings out the beauty.

Stylised Presentation 

We deliver your edited highlight reel digitally or provide a custom engraved USB drive in a gift box with photo prints. This presentation honours the artistry of your video. 

Let Grace & Motion Films capture the beauty and emotion of your wedding day through stunning cinematography. Contact us to preserve your memories in a video you’ll cherish forever as your York wedding videography team.


Introducing Julia, the dedicated point of contact for your special day, ensuring the videographers can focus on their craft while she handles the intricacies. As a skilled second shooter, Julia leaves no moment uncaptured, preserving the delicate details that make your wedding truly one-of-a-kind. Her keen eye and expertise ensure that both of you look absolutely flawless on camera, with adjustments to your dress, suit, or hair for that picture-perfect appearance. When it comes to posing, she’s a pro at directing and bringing out those natural, radiant smiles. Beyond her shooting talents, Julia is always ready to be your reliable ally, offering assistance with makeup, dresses, or any other last-minute needs. Whatever you require, she’s there with a helping hand. Above all, Julia is your go-to resource for any questions or concerns you may have, whether it’s before the wedding or after. Her friendly and accommodating nature ensures that your wedding day is stress-free and filled with precious moments, beautifully captured for you to cherish forever. Trust Julia to be an essential part of making your wedding memories truly extraordinary.