Wedding Videography vs Cinematography: What’s the Difference?

You want to preserve your wedding day forever with a video to relive all the memories. Should you hire a traditional videographer or invest in cinematography? Here, we break down the key differences between wedding videography vs cinematography. 

It’s All About the Artistic Approach

At its core, the main difference lies in the filming philosophy. Wedding videographers capture important events and moments from your big day. Their priority is documenting ceremonies, speeches, dances, and more in a straightforward way.

In contrast, wedding cinematography involves crafting a video with artistry, emotion, and cinematic aesthetics in mind. Cinematographers go beyond documenting to create a visual masterpiece using composition, lighting, movement, and editing techniques. 

The result is a wedding film that looks and feels like a professional movie filled with beauty, meaning, and creative vision. 

Equipment and Techniques Set the Tone

To achieve a truly cinematic style, your wedding cinematographer will use high-end cameras, lenses, stabilisers, sliders, drones, and more. This allows them to get polished, sweeping shots, close-ups, and crisp image quality. 

They carefully study each scene to maximise visual impact through camera angles, movement, and lighting. Every detail from flowers to decor is filmed artfully. 

In contrast, standard wedding videographers often use basic HD video cameras on tripods to record events. Their priority is capturing important moments rather than cinematic aesthetics.

Post-Production Makes the Magic

Your raw wedding footage then goes into post-production editing. Videographers typically provide basic edits like scene transitions, some colour correction, and adding titles.

Cinematographers devote extensive time to a multi-stage editing process including:

– Thoughtful scene selection and pacing 

– Artistic transitions

– Colour grading for visual flair 

– Audio syncing and sound mixing

– Commissioned or licensed music to heighten the mood

– Carefully considered title screens

This editing process transforms your footage into a polished cinematic film overflowing with style, personality, and emotion. 

Collaborating to Tell Your Story

Your Grace & Motion cinematographer takes time to understand your vision and love story before filming. We scout locations, discuss important moments, and align on your ideal aesthetic. 

We choreograph and shoot each scene to capture emotions and details through artful visual storytelling. Our priority is crafting a wedding film that embodies your romance and unique personality.

Standard videographers simply record events without much pre-planning. They may miss more subtle or artful shots that give insight into who you are as a couple.

Investment Pays for Artistry 

Given the extra gear, labour, expertise, and time involved, wedding cinematography costs more than basic videography. But the investment pays off in a breathtaking, cinema-quality film to relive forever. 

A perfect wedding film crafted by Grace & Motion offers incredible artistic and emotional value. Let us create something truly extraordinary that reflects your once-in-a-lifetime love.

Cinematic Wedding Videos in Yorkshire

Our award-winning cinematography team are specialists in filming stunning wedding video in Yorkshire and destination weddings worldwide. 

We leverage our creative talent and technical skills to showcase the beauty of Yorkshire’s gardens, villages, and vistas in your film. Let us craft an artistic masterpiece capturing your celebration in this beloved region.

Elevate Your Wedding Film with Cinematography 

Hopefully, this gives you insight into the key differences between wedding videography and cinematography. If you seek a timeless video overflowing with art, emotion, and cinematic flair, we would love to work with you. Contact us today to get started creating your dream wedding film!


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