What To Ask Your Wedding Videographer: Essential Questions To Get the Perfect Yorkshire Wedding Video

Wedding videography is a specialist service and one that is new to many people despite its fast-expanding popularity. We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask your Yorkshire wedding videographer to help make sure your needs are met.

What style of wedding video do you specialise in?

Wedding videographers will typically shoot in different styles, and this is one of the first things to consider. Depending on what type of film you want, you may want your wedding filmed in a cinematic style, like your very own movie, or in a traditional play-by-play, alternatively, you may want a short highlight reel from the day.

At Grace & Motion, we deliver cinematic-style wedding videos, so our work is suitable for couples who want that sweeping romantic vibe to their film. Your videographer can talk you through their style and you can communicate your vision for what you want to decide if their service is right for you.

What is the time frame for delivering the final video?

Editing a wedding video to a high standard takes time. Different companies will have different resources and schedules, so they’ll know how long the time frame is for video delivery. It’s important to remember that your wedding video is supposed to specifically be what you want it to be, so good communication during this phase is key.

Your videographer will be able to share the final product with you, have you check that you’re happy, and if anything needs to be added or removed that’s all part of the service we provide. Roughly you can expect it to be around 4 weeks from your wedding to delivery of your video, however companies differ and so this is also a great question to ask we know you want to be able to enjoy your wedding video as soon as possible.

How many cameras will be used?

How many cameras are used is down to the resources available from the videographer and may differ according to the service required. For example, we can provide up to two videographers and a drone operator. Knowing what equipment your videographer will come armed with on the day is important as you’ll get an idea of how they’ll fit in with your wedding. Bigger is not better in our opinion. High-grade, non-intrusive equipment will fit in best with the day without making someone’s wedding feel like a film set.

How much do you charge?

When hiring a videographer, their prices might be posted on their website. For example, you can see Grace & Motion’s package costs on ours with a breakdown of precisely what’s included. Videography is an art, requiring both camera operation, editing, and overall filmmaking skills (particularly within cinematic style) and if you’re hiring a qualified professional their prices will reflect that. You can expect wedding videography services to cost over 1k and even up to 10k on the high end, so it’s important to know what their cost will be and what’s included so that you get the service that’s right for you.

What other services do you offer (e.g. drone footage, slow motion, etc.)?

Some wedding videos will have other services or added extras that you can request for your film. With our premium package, we include drone footage and a timelapse of your day, as well as adding music and slow-motion effects to your wedding video. We list most options offered on our website price section but if you have a special request please don’t hesitate to ask us about it.

Do you have previous wedding video samples I can view?

Viewing the portfolio of your Yorkshire wedding videographer will be greatly important in helping you decide whether their work matches your vision and expectations. If you haven’t seen their work already then it should be readily available via their website and social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Asking the right questions can help you make sure you get the perfect wedding video, and just like with every supplier you have carefully cherry-picked for your special day, your ideal videographer will fully understand what is required from them and bring their skills to the table to deliver your perfect wedding video.


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